Body Mechanics

General Practice & Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai


Our philosophy at Body Mechanics Medical Centre is to provide world-class medical services to our patients. Our dynamic team of international specialists are dedicated in providing a safe, accurate and comprehensive service to ensure the best patient journey through our fully integrated approach to care.

What sets us apart from other healthcare companies in Dubai is our ethos of accurate diagnosis, assessment and treatment and our person-centered approach to healthcare.

Our well-established relationships with specialist diagnostic centers for laboratory testing and imaging allows for fast and efficient access to various investigations including blood analysis, X-Ray, MRI and CT scanning. These clear pathways ensure safe, quality care for all our patients.

Cutting-edge medical equipment

Our cutting-edge medical equipment from EU, Canada and the US enables us to combine the latest research, science and technology in order to facilitate quality care and promote faster recovery.


Physical Therapy


The diverse therapy team at Body Mechanics is ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. All with extensive education, training and experience—ranging from specialists in sports medicine to joint replacement.

General Medicine


Our personalized therapy programs are designed to treat patients and help their families before, during and after treatment to support a successful and sustainable recovery, and then educate the patient on long-term solutions for prevention.

Conditions we can help with

Hip and Groin
Hand and wrist
Foot and ankle
Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow

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